Bauer BG 46

Cena wyjściowa:
Miejsce urządzenia: Schiemerik 1
Strona sprzedawcy: Big Machinery B.V.
+31 (0) 418 674 545
Fax: +31 (0) 418 633 108
Typ:Bauer BG 46
Rok: 2016
Kolor Yellow
waga 185,000.00 kg

Type: Drill
CE mark: yes
The drill is in excellent working condition and ready for work!

Comes with new 2018 72m-Kellystange

Directly available for transport.

Powerful engine CAT C 18
Enine 623 kW
Hydraulic undercarriage

Upgraded version
Undercarriage UW 195
Main winch 450 kN
Mast extension 5.6 m
Upper Kelly guide with
Drilling axis 1,700 mm / 2,000 mm

Rotary drive KDK 550 S
– Max. torque on casing 553 kNm
– Hydraulically pin connection on
crowd sledge
– Easy and safe rigging of the rotary
drive, no working at height
– Activated by remote control

Variably stackable
counterweight elements
– Constant tail radius
– Small weight of individual
elements (5.0 t)
– Flexible arrangement,
adjustable to application
– Easy assembly and

Main winch (on uppercarriage)
– Wide winch drum
– Single layer winch for minimized rope
wear (optional)
– Constant line pull
– Service-friendly winch position
– Optimal transfer of hydraulic power
– Designed for heavy continuous operation
(winch classification M6 / L3 / T5)
– Swing down mechanism for transport
– Hydraulic locking for single layer winch

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