BBA Products Case Poclain BBA SKE9000 case 988B

Cena wyjściowa:zl 75,176 (€17,000)
Miejsce urządzenia: Korte Venen 28Steenwijk NETHERLANDS
Typ: BBA SKE9000 case 988B
Rok: 1994
moc 80.00 kW

Drive: Track
Number of cylinders: 4
Engine type: Cummins 4BT
Track width: 60 cm
CE mark: yes
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
VAT/margin: VAT not deductable (margin scheme)
Drilling rig drill rigg Built on:

Manufacturer: Case
Type: 688 B
Year of construction 1994
Caterpillar plate width: 600mm
dimensions under car: 3.55x2.53x3.00
Engine: cummins 4BT 80 KW

Drill construction:
Manufacturer: BBA Products - NL Apeldoorn
Type: SKE 9000
Year of construction: 1999
Mast length / transport length: 9800 mm
Stroke: 9000 mm
Pull up: 2000 kg
Pull down: 1700 kg
Required: 80 LPm with 225 bar

Drilling motor: 6 "Suction drills / Rinse farmers / spray drills
Type: ZP6
Required: 90 LPM with 250Bar
Capacity: 800 KGm at 50 RPM, 7850 NM
maximum passage: 150 mm
Vacuum: 9.5 meters
Maximum pressure: 7 Bar

Video link:

CE markings: present.
1999 safety report Aboma Keboma: present
Inspection reports from 2008-2016: present
Tap book: Present
together with various other documentation

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Machine can be viewed NL8331 TH Steenwijk.
to be delivered on location.

Drill pipes available on site.

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