Caterpillar 320D2 Long Reach

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Miejsce urządzenia: Schiemerik 1
Strona sprzedawcy: Big Machinery B.V.
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Fax: +31 (0)418 633 108
Typ:Caterpillar 320D2 Long Reach
Rok: 2016
waga 22,500.00 kg
moc 112.00 kW

The brand new CAT 320D2 LRA comes with an extra power pack.

The power pack replaced the counterweight and is provided with a brand new John Deere engine.

The power pack can easily run hydraulic hammers / Submersible Dredging pumps and other tools.

Long reach length: 14m
Comes with 0.7m3 teeth bucket

New Caterpillar 320D2 upper with long reach arm configuration
Engine Model Cat C7.1
Net Flywheel Power 106.0 kW
Air conditioning
Extra hydraulics

Hydraulic power pack Auxiliary 200:
Power pack can be controlled from cabin.

Engine : John Deere
Max. power : 128 kW
Cylinders : 6
: 6,8 L
Pump 1 : 250L/min
Max pressure : 250 bar
Pump 2 : 32L/min
Max pressure : 250 bar

Fuel tank capacity 540L
Hydraulic tank capacity 620L

Machine has no CE and is for export outside Europe only.

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