Caterpillar 988B Forklift

Cena wyjściowa:
Miejsce urządzenia: Haven M529, Port of MoerdijkMark S. Clarkelaan 6
Strona sprzedawcy: Delta Machinery
+31 (0) 888 966 966
Fax: +31 (0) 888 966 950
Typ:Caterpillar 988B Forklift
Rok: 1982
Fotografia nr E03169AT
waga 46,000.00 kg
moc 289.00 kW
długość 10,230.00 mm

Field of application: Construction
Condition undercarriage: 85%. Ex army Caterpillar 988B 4x4 forklift, Cabin with ROPS & heater, Caterpillar 3408T diesel powered engine 393 HP. Direct injection 65 degree V8 turbo diesel engine. Variable timing fuel system. Power shift transmission. 24 volt direct electric starting system. Full hydraulic steering system with center point frame articulation. Operating weight w/o tophandler 52 ton. 25 ton lifting capacity. Can Stack 20 to 40 Ft containers two high. Top handler attachment. Tire size 35/65R33. Machine is immediately available!

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