Caterpillar D4E pipelayer

Cena wyjściowa:
Miejsce urządzenia: Haven M529, Port of MoerdijkMark S. Clarkelaan 6
Strona sprzedawcy: Delta Machinery
+31 (0) 888 966 966
Fax: +31 (0) 888 966 950
Typ:Caterpillar D4E pipelayer
Fotografia nr E04269AT
waga 11,000.00 kg
długość 3,600.00 mm

Field of application: Construction
Condition undercarriage: 75%. Caterpillar D4E fitted with Midwestern hydraulic pipelayer kit, Caterpillar 3304 engine with 75HP (56kW), ROPS, hydraulic boom and hook winches, rubber boom protection, operating weight approx. 11.000 Kgs, wire ropes in good condition, undercarriage on average 75% remaining. Machine comes straight from job-site and is in very good and clean condition. Machine for sale or rent, subject to terms and conditions. Inspections are welcome.

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