DAF FT XF 105 - 410 EUR5

Cena wyjściowa:zl 40,905 (€9,250)
Miejsce urządzenia: Korte Venen 28Steenwijk NETHERLANDS
Typ:Daf FT XF 105 - 410 EUR5
Rok: 2007
Fotografia nr BTNX16
Ilosc biegów 16
waga 7,319.00 kg
moc 300.00 kW
rozstaw osi 3,800.00 mm

Bodywork: Standard tractor
Front axle: Max. axle load: 7500 kg; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: leaf suspension
Rear axle: Max. axle load: 11500 kg; Brakes: disc brakes; Suspension: air suspension
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine type: paccar MX300S2
APK (MOT) upon delivery: tested until 02/2019
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Tractor trailer
Manufacturer: Daf
Type: XF 105
Transmission: ZF16S Hand-connected
Engine type: MX300 S2 EURO5
Mileage: 1.241.634

Good running truck.
Drive Shift and Brakes well.
immediately usable.

Video link: https://youtu.be/GuDRZRnBmgw

prices for transport on request.
Possibilities for shipping also on request.

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