Diversen delen voor breker installatie alle soorten

Cena wyjściowa:zl 6,633 (€1,500)
Miejsce urządzenia: Korte Venen 28Steenwijk NETHERLANDS
Typ:Diversen delen voor breker installatie alle soorten
Rok: 1989

Type: Conveyor belt
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Addition for mix installation and crusher installation.
Shaker screen / Screener shakerbox
Various transport tires
dosing unit for Mix installation
magnet band
Many other parts.

price is indicative, per piece.

complete installation for crushing stone rubble and natural stone this keeps breaker 10 ton sieve screener transport and vibrating conveyors supply lines concrete mixer with hydraulic drive
as well as 13 pieces of molds for making stacking blocks for the forklift clamp to stomp the blocks, but a complete factory to make debris pile blocks.
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the offered price is from all other prices on request. the breaker weighs about 10 tons the sieve 6 tons.

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