FGM 33L135-3A

Cena wyjściowa:
Miejsce urządzenia: Ilvesjoentie 425
Strona sprzedawcy: Kauppilan Autohajottamo Oy
+358 (0)6 456 8800
Fax: +358 (0)6 456 8888
Typ: 33L135-3A
Rok: 2015

SEMI-TRAILER TRUCK CARRIERS N.3 axles with pneumatic suspensions SAF 11 ton, drum brakes 3rd axle self-steering Modular loading platform placed from the goose-neck to the first axle. This platform can be extended, inclined and adjusted at different heights of charge zone. Extensible for 3,000 mm. Adjustment positions per 1,000 mm , pneumatically lockable. Total length from 13.730 mm to 16.730 mm. Low floor length (goose-neck to rear ramps) from 9.730 mm to 12.730 mm Width 2.550mm Lower floor length from goose-neck to 1st axle from 3,970 mm to 6,970 mm; Height of charge zone 380 mm. N.1 pneumatic valve for adjustment height of load N. 4 wheel recess placed between axles chequer plate with steel N.1 hydraulic pull winch 8 ton towing force placed on goose-neck with remote control Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized + Ral colour on the sides at customer’s choice. Rear telescopic ramps with hydraulic movements and double extension 2200 x700 mm Extendable rear bumper fo

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