HDD 250 Submersible Dredge Pump

Cena wyjściowa:
Miejsce urządzenia: HOLANDIA
Typ: 250 Submersible Dredge Pump
Rok: 2016
Fotografia nr 90001374
waga 2,100.00 kg
moc 185.00 kW

Empty weight: 2.100 kg

  • Power: 185 kW (252 HP)
  • Extra's:
  • The Submersible dredge pump 250(SDP) handles a capacity of 1250m3/h of mixture. It is used under water, powered by excavator or hydraulic power pack. Electrical submersible dredge pumps are also available. Tools like a cutter head, sand head (water jet), flat barge head, auger head or others can be attached to this compact pump. If interested, please ask for our leaflet.

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