WITTE grondboor-bronboor

Cena wyjściowa:zl 29,849 (€6,750)
Miejsce urządzenia: Korte Venen 28Steenwijk NETHERLANDS
Typ: grondboor-bronboor
Rok: 1990
moc 10.00 kW

Engine type: hatz 1D
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Trailer trailer with drill rig - bohrgerat
Manufacturer: White Bohrtechnik
Engine: hatz
Type: 1D

This machine is designed for dry drilling
drill depth 80 meters with diameter 150 mm,

However, the machine is quick to build into Water Drill
water schwiffel costs euro 500 possible
We have diesel pump from 750 euros

We have multiple drills in stock model trailer mounted on trailer and truck,
Please send your questions to us by mail. We will also arrange shipment on request.

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